Hello world!

Do you love singing, or the idea of singing?

Are you a beginner, feeling like you don’t know enough about singing to give it a go in front of anyone?

Maybe you are happy singing in front of others but would like some more advice on how to improve?

Maybe you are confident and happy with your singing but have run into problems with your voice?

Are you just in need of some friendly inspiration and motivation from a vocal expert?

My name is Carrie Garrett. I am a singer, singing teacher (18 years experience) and voice-specialist speech and language therapist. I’m super excited because now is the time to use my knowledge and experience to help YOU to achieve your dreams. 

Follow/Like this blog for great adventures and original ideas designed to inspire and support you to become more proactive with singing… and become a more confident and a better singer all round.

Topics I have in mind for future posts include:

  • Singing: Am I any good?

  • 10 top tips for singing with Baby

  • Singing in front of others…. Heaven or Hell?

  • 10 best warm ups

  • How to sing when the neighbours are IN

  • The paralysing fear of failure

  • The total beginners guide to singing

Anything else you would like to ask, please do write me a comment. This blog is for YOU, so I’d love the feedback on what you really want to read about.

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