Health benefits of singing

So what health benefits are associated with Singing? Singing is an exhilarating activity; a creative experience which improves mood by producing a hormonal high in the majority of participants. It encourages wellbeing by providing opportunity for self-expression, a great way to release emotional and physical tensions. Concentrations of Oxytocin (the ‘love hormone’, known for its … More Health benefits of singing

Hello world!

Do you love singing, or the idea of singing? Are you a beginner, feeling like you don’t know enough about singing to give it a go in front of anyone? Maybe you are happy singing in front of others but would like some more advice on how to improve? Maybe you are confident and happy … More Hello world!

Vocal Strain

Everybody has a different description for what they experience when they overdo it with their voice. Everybody reacts to vocal strain in a different way, depending on their level of knowledge (about how the voice works) and their life experiences (advice they have accumulated along the way).   This blog aims to clarify: 1) what … More Vocal Strain